Allegheny Corry Medical Group

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Allegheny Corry Medical Group315 York St.
Corry, PA 16407


Phone: (814) 664-8686 ~ Fax: (814) 


The Medical Group of Corry is a full-spectrum group practice of family medicine specialists.  As we strive to deliver high quality medical care at reasonable costs, our best partner is the patient. At the Medical Group of Corry RHC, we offer a wide range of medical services for patients of all ages. We start caring for children at birth. From that day forward, we will help them stay in good health throughout their entire life.


We strongly encourage patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their families by eating carefully, exercising, and conscientiously following a program of routine annual checkups. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, health status, insurance coverage, or ability to pay. We will submit claims to all insurance companies, and we strive to contract with all reasonable plans that represent significant numbers of local residents.

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