Buy Local Campaign

Goal and Vision: To consistently and repetitively promote brand awareness and effect the long term conscious decision making process and personal buying habits of the local Corry community to always consider or attempt to consider, the goods, and services that ar readily available locally… “Try Local, Buy Local” – first!


Advantages for Businesses to Participate

  1. Preservation:  Towns that actively embrace buying local preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses, giving the town an economic advantage.
  2. Prosperity:  Locally owned businesses create more local jobs and provide better wages.
  3. Greatest Need:  Local businesses have the ability to select products they feel are of the greatest demand to their customers and in turn guarantee a broad range of product choices.
  4. Advertising:  Use of the Try Local, Buy Local logo in advertising creates an immediate visual recognition of businesses supporting the local economy.
  5. Revenue:  Increasing revenue allows you to continue to support local community organizations.
  6. Competition:  Higher visibility of local businesses helps the hometown guy compete.
  7. Unique Benefits:  Personal customer service not found in big city stores and keeping the dollars local.
  8. Education: Inform the public on products and services available locally.
  9. Diversity:  A competitive, diverse small business community helps ensures product diversity and low pricing.
  10. Visibility:  More visibility + more foot traffic + more sales = more revenue!

Advantages for Consumers to Participate

  1. Personal Service: People who care to make a difference
  2. Convenience: Closest to home and or work
  3. Economical: Saving gas and time
  4. Support: The family, friends, neighbors, & the local team
  5. Ownership: Local City, Townships, and school district
  6. Public Safety: Police and fire protection
  7. “It’s the Right Thing to Do”