Buy Local Campaign

Our mission: To strengthen the economic structure of Corry, promote the community’s locally-owned businesses and educate our community about the vital role they play in sustaining our businesses.


Advantages for Businesses to Participate

  1. Preservation:  Towns that actively embrace buying local preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses, giving the town an economic advantage.
  2. Prosperity:  Locally owned businesses create more local jobs and provide better wages.
  3. Greatest Need:  Local businesses have the ability to select products they feel are of the greatest demand to their customers and in turn guarantee a broad range of product choices.
  4. Advertising:  Use of the Try Local, Buy Local logo in advertising creates an immediate visual recognition of businesses supporting the local economy.
  5. Revenue:  Increasing revenue allows you to continue to support local community organizations.
  6. Competition:  Higher visibility of local businesses helps the hometown guy compete.
  7. Unique Benefits:  Personal customer service not found in big city stores and keeping the dollars local.
  8. Education: Inform the public on products and services available locally.
  9. Diversity:  A competitive, diverse small business community helps ensures product diversity and low pricing.
  10. Visibility:  More visibility + more foot traffic + more sales = more revenue!

Advantages for Consumers to Participate

  1. Personal Service: People who care to make a difference
  2. Convenience: Closest to home and or work
  3. Economical: Saving gas and time
  4. Support: The family, friends, neighbors, & the local team
  5. Ownership: Local City, Townships, and school district
  6. Public Safety: Police and fire protection
  7. “It’s the Right Thing to Do”