Top 10 Reasons to Belong to

The Corry Area Chamber of Commerce


10 ~ “Member Only” referral services: When the public wants to know we tell them about our members.  We help you promote your business by our word of mouth.

 9 ~  Member listing on our website:  You are included in the member listing section of our website.  From your listing you can link to your own site, receive e-mails, and/or give a brief description of your business.  One more way to reach the public!

 8 ~  Annual Member Directory: Complimentary listing(s) in the Member directory which will be published in the fall.  Over 5,000 copies will be distributed throughout the area.  One more way for your name to be in each household.

 7 ~ Display business brochures, flyers, & business cards: Located in the lobby of HiED Building is a brochure rack where we promote our members.  People take items from it regularly.

 6 ~  Quarterly Newsletter: Four times a year the Chamber publishes a newsletter letting you, the Chamber members, know what is happening in the Corry Area Chamber community. The newsletter is a great way to be in the “know”.

5 ~    After-Hours Mixers: This events give local business people the chance to come together and talk shop over food and refreshments.  Networking is a great way to expand your business.

4 ~     Access to Business Resources: When you have perplexing business questions we will try to help you get the answers. A large amount of information comes through the Chamber office, which we want to pass on to our Chamber members.

3 ~     Mercyhurst Courses – All members receive 25% off all Mercyhurst college courses they take at any Mercyhurst campus, including the Corry campus.  A great way to increase your knowledge. 

2 ~    First-hand access to all the Chamber’s events via our webpage, Facebook, Instagram and email blasts that keep members up to date, partnerships with area Chambers… and more. Our members are important.


            Participation in the betterment of our community: We live in a terrific town. The more people who are involved at the local level, the better it is for everyone. When we give back to the community everyone wins!